Code Breaker

Code Breaker is a JavaScript puzzle game based on the 1970 board game “Mastermind.” Use the clues given after each turn to determine the Computer’s randomly generated 4-color code.

WWII Plane Game in Phaser.js

WWII themed plane game made in Phaser 3. Use the arrow keys to move. Use the space bar to fire. Ctrl+/- to resize the screen, if necessary. Points are subtracted for allowing a plane to get away. All assets and code were created by me aside from the background and the music. No mobile support yet.

Scheduling simulator

Program made to demonstrate the advantages of a dynamic algorithm over the fixed priority rate monotonic algorithm.

Knapsack Algorithm

This is a modified version of the knapsack problem, created for my algorithms class. The program accepts a value for k, then accepts a set of numbers. It then tests to see if a combination of numbers in the set will add up to k.

Canvas Game

Use the mouse or the arrow keys to the maneuver ball. Dodge the blue rectangles and collect the red squares to earn points. The game uses an HTML canvas as the game field and JavaScript for the game physics. Doesn’t work on mobile devices.


The maze is created by a random depth first search algorithm. By hitting the ‘DFS’ button, you can make the maze solve itself with depth first search. When entering the site, a window will prompt you for the size. Anything over 100 will probably lag quite a bit. Clicking on a block will allow you to remove or place a wall in that square.